Color Grading Photoshop Tutorial

 How To Apply Cool Tones To Images

Learn how to apply cool-toned color grading in Photoshop like a pro! In this 1hr 20min tutorial, we'll start by learning beginning color grading techniques to an image that is easily identifiable. We'll then apply what we learned to a more difficult photo while discovering lesser known Photoshop techniques that will allow us to completely transform the color tones of an image. Finally, we'll work on an advanced image that allows us to combine what we learned throughout this tutorial along with in-depth color grading techniques in order to bring a dull image to life.

This tutorial is created on an intermediate/advanced level so it a fun challenge for experienced post processors. If you are a Photoshop novice, the first image will be the perfect introduction to color grading in Photoshop and you can work on the more advanced techniques when you feel comfortable. 



You will receive the same unedited JPEG files I'll be working on so we can work on color grading in Photoshop together. Together, we'll apply cool toned color grading in order to transform dull photos into finished images. Edit along with me as I teach you my lesser-known techniques for enhancing cool tones in Photoshop. 

Although we'll work together on my images throughout this tutorial, my color grading techniques can be applied to any image. After you have mastered working with me on the photos provided, I encourage you to try out both the basic and advanced lessons you learned on your own images. Feel free to pause and rewind this tutorial as you discover new ways to refresh ordinary images. 

Learn the basics of cool-toned color grading in Photoshop on an easily identifiable photo anyone can take. We'll begin with applying focused adjustments and enhancing existing colors in the image. 

Work alongside me as we learn how to completely transform the look and feel of this image through more advanced color grading techniques in Photoshop. 

Finally, we'll explore more in-depth color grading techniques as we work on this advanced image. We'll combine the lessons we learned over the course of this tutorial to convert the dull image into this cool-toned cinematic result.

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