Fine Art Collection 

Inspired by cinematic storytelling and romantic artwork, TJ Drysdale Fine Art Photoshop Actions are designed to turn your photographs into works of art. The 6 actions in this Fine Art Actions collection have been painstakingly crafted to add unique colors and tones to your images. 
These fine art actions are easy to follow, manipulate, and modify so that you can easily create imagery that is unique to your vision. These actions can be applied to a variety of photography genres, from fashion, portrait and conceptual, to drone, landscape, and of course, fine art images. Each action is fully customizable to fit your needs so you can feel free to make adjustments to any of the adjustment layers present! 

This collection includes 6 premium hand-crated Fine Art Actions : Embrace,  Eclipse, Eden, The Dark Within, Near Light, and Secret Garden
Below, I have prepared before and after image sets so you can peek into what each action has to offer. These before and after sets are applied to unedited photos, so you can see the full effect. This way, you can choose to apply these Fine Art Actions to your unedited photograph or add them on after you've done minor edits.   

The Actions work with Photoshop CS6 and above


The Embrace Action has been carefully crafted to bring your image's existing colors to life. This action greatly enhances natural colors and transforms the feel of your entire image. 


Emerald tones and wild natural colors play a big part in the Eclipse Action. This action darkens your image while adding contrast and lush blues and greens to create an understated cinematic look.  



The Eden Action helps you achieve the perfect fairytale look with your images. It warms the photograph and adds a nice soft glow reminiscent of a fantasy. 

The Dark Within

The Dark Within Action works wonderfully on a variety of photography styles and images. It marries the magic of a moody atmosphere with warm tones while subtly darkening the overall image. 

Near Light

The Near Light Action adds a subtle cool tone to your image making it stand out with a unique, cinematic look. 

Secret Garden

The Secret Garden Action transforms your images with a timeless look of sweet and subtle magenta tones. This action gently adds a storytelling element to photos. 

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