Welcome to my new Fine Art Editing Tutorial! Whether you are a novice just getting your start in photography, or a seasoned professional looking to improve your workflow, this class will teach you how to unlock lesser known Photoshop tricks. Learn how to transform a seemingly ordinary image into a wonderful finished fine art edit during this 1 hour and 38-minute long tutorial. 
This tutorial takes three of my images and walks you through every step I took to make the scenes in each photo come to life. Take advantage of all that Photoshop has to offer and get ready to learn the tips and tricks I have discovered for adding artistic effects to images! 

You will receive the same untouched RAW files I'll be working on, so we can work together on fine art editing process in Photoshop . We'll practice the techniques and tricks needed to turn dull images into finished fine art edits.  Editing along with me will allow you to more easily absorb my fine art editing techniques so that you can apply them to your own work. Although we will be working side-by-side on my images for the purpose of this tutorial, my fine art editing techniques can be applied to any image. 

I have used these photoshop gems on every style of photography from fine art, landscapes, and conceptual, to urban, weddings, travel and more. After you have mastered working with me on the photos provided, I encourage you to try out the variety of techniques you will learn on your own images. Feel free to pause and rewind this tutorial as you discover new fine art editing techniques. 

No matter what style of photography you specialize in, this tutorial will open your eyes to a whole new approach to the post-production process!  


The Images

Discover creative uses of layers, masks, and blend modes in Photoshop and how to apply them to your fine art editing. 

Learn how to add an artistic glow to your photos, how to bring out detail in your images using unique methods. and how to create natural looking sun flares in Photoshop.

Gain unique insight into my RAW conversion process and discover lesser-known techniques to draw the viewer's eye to specific parts of your image.



Using Format