Lightroom Presets Bundle

The Lightroom Presets Bundle features all four custom collections for a bargain price! giving you a wide variety of options to help take your photo editing to the next level!

This pack contains 56 premium presets

These Lightroom Presets integrate beautifully with a wide variety of styles and color tones

Works on both RAW and JPG images

Each preset may require exposure adjustment depending on how your picture was shot. I've worked very hard to ensure that all of our collections work on a large range of images, however, you may have to adjust the settings to suit your needs.

Works with Lightroom 4 and above

These Lightroom Presets work the wonderfully with images featuring people such as portrait work, wedding photography, lifestyle images, fine art and more

 This collection features slightly washed out tones, less contrast, and a nice matte feel which recreate the traditional “film” element.

This collection adds a moody atmosphere reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest to your images.

This preset pack adds unique tones and a brilliant contrast to your images to give them that Hollywood “cinematography” quality

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